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Rib Charter

Rib-Charter is a little firm with wide perspectives. We are still young and love to sail, so decided to share our passion with you! If you need to break-away from your constant work and give yourself a sun-bath, listening to waves sounds than Ribs are waiting for you...

This days Ribs are just chartered but yet thinking to extend out our water world so everyone can taste the water-adventure with Rib-Charter. Ribs we own are appreciated world-wide and are so strong that they give you unforgettable experience. What you can use our ribs for? For everything: regattas support, water explorations, journeys, games with water-skis, wake, etc.

We offer you our ribs in every spot around the world (after individual agreement). Our main venue is Polish west-pommern voivodeship - around Szczecin (Dąbie Lake), Stargard Szczeciński (Miedwie Lake), Choszczno (Klukom Lake), Myślibórz (Myśliborskie Lake), Trzebież, Brzózki, Nowe Warpno, Altwarp, Ueckermunde, Stepnica, Wolin, Wapnica, Łunowo, Kamień Pomorski (Szczecin's Bay) as well as Świnoujście - Swinemunde, Międzyzdroje, Międzywodzie, Dziwnów, Dziwnówek, Pobierowo, Rewal, Niechorze, Mielno, Kołobrzeg (Baltic Sea).

A NEW touristic possibility - water tour with our capitan, birthday parties and integration events!

You don't need to hold your own driving motorboat license. Now you can just enjoy watching our beautiful city from our fast boat!